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Alpha Distribution Solutions Adds Ozone Room

Alpha Distribution Solutions is excited to announce that we have added to our long list of value added services.   We have just acquired an Ozone Odor Eliminator that will be added to our facilities.  With the addition of the Ozone Odor Eliminator, we are now capable of removing strong odors from apparel.,The eliminator is capable of removing almost all biological odors from apparel; for example it can eliminate smells such as: body odor, mildew, smoke, etc.  If your company receives a high volume of returns that have an odor to them, we are capable destroying those odors and bringing apparel back to fresh smelling  sell-able condition.  Our ozone room is capable of getting rid of the most potent odors, while allowing the apparel to come out with a fresh smell.

Our state-of-the-art two phase ozone room features                                                                        .  The Odor eliminator works to fundamentally break down and alter the odors on molecular level.  When the ozone is generated it expands out and attaches to the molecules, bacteria and spores that create offensive odors in the apparel.  When the ozone attaches to odor causing  molecules it chemically changes the structure of the molecule to a non odor causing one.  When the ozone attaches to bacteria or spores,Air max 95 pas cher, it attacks their shells and causes them to break down, thus removing the odor causing agent all together.air max pas cher france,  Once the odors have been removed from the apparel, we circulate the room with fresh air, which allows the apparel to return to a consumer friendly smell.

Unboxing Every Air Jordan Sneaker

I did not own a single Jordan as he could tell things have changed I decided to embark on an expedition for an unboxing video of every Jordan ever quick disclaimer I decided to focus on game-worn Jordans of course we know there are 31 pairs of Jordans but only 18 during his playing career each one representing a different stage a different time not just in Michael Jordan’s career but your life but here’s the thing I can’t do a video of this magnitude without calling in a special favor without calling up the right man for the job ladies and gentlemen Brad hall lots of shoes which camera do I look at you can look over there,cheap jordan shoes, I felt like I was watching a church sermon just now I’ve been told that before in fact very passionate we got a lot of shoes here you’re kind of a shoe guy though I like ceaseless yeah okay I have my own YouTube channel I talk about cool shoes you’re the perfect guy I think so I’d be lost without you I think so Jordan one can i Anthony be my guest . can I take them out this look at that that’s Chicago Bulls man am i right does that say Chicago Bulls smells great though sounds a little bit strange actually this smells like that barbershop that’s a site a little small the great color way mmm classic classic Chicago Bulls here right this is a popular Jordan oh yeah yeah really handsome shit wings logo wings logo right here laces are inside of the shoe right now .

they are so it’s got pretty much everything mm-hmm where are those other ones Jack I actually had to go out and get something my size look at that right there look at that this is not an on-court look I don’t like that one yeah it’s not an on-court look you can’t go wrong with this shoe this one you can go home when you can go wrong with it yeah there’s what is that gum is that dumb-dumb sole ,cheap jordan 11,I don’t think that’s gone all right the box has changed Air Jordan 2 and now you got Michael starin right at you like making eye contact with him this is not my favorite Jordan I gotta say the older I get the more I like these really I really like this on the tongue here Jordan on the bottom February 87 a high-flying arrow bat rim rattling jams keep MJ hovering around 37 points per game earned him his first scoring title in these shoes right here same box oh man now this is a major development have at it these are very nice Wow like I’ve completely forgot the twos right now the popular shoes get reissued at different points this thing we’re holding right here is 14 years old it’s like a museum in here right now tell the non sneaker heads these are the laces I don’t like seeing the my Claire Jordan dunking on the back on the lower laces here we have extra three eyelets are those available for you sir those just for looks I think you can use this it’s gonna take a long time to get I’ll do it if you no no I’m just I was just curious if that’s I’ll do it okay I didn’t should I have not done this you how much you can get Knox that’s it number four this box is great I noticed you reacted really strongly to it

I knew what was coming I started I I’m stirred up right now look at that hmm I love this pair it’s like a little bit of everything they’re working on and yet it looks like a complete package it does look like a shoe it looks and look at this cardboard stick I’m enjoying this oh I like the shoe though this silver tongue though hey do not like this detail it sounds like you’re not a fan of the Jumpman it’s hard to look at these look at this the lacing opportunities a lot of options I feel like it was in the make it your way era where everyone wanted to customize I think Burger King led the way then have it your way yeah they were telling everyone that they could have it their way and this piggybacked on it that’s really not true do you think the pace of this is going okay I just feel like we’re taking should we speed it up three minutes per shoe times 18 that’s 54 minutes we’re looking at an hour-long video I feel like I didn’t do that well things have obviously changed at this point I think the world is transitioning ,cheap jordans for sale,they want things to look more high-tech this is the varsity red colorway leather feels nice tough what is this is this a dryer sheet this is a good one yeah maybe the greatest year in Michael Jordan’s career mm-hmm look at that I prefer looking at the monitor than seeing them in real life actually look at that I feel like they kind of tamed a little bit from the last one with the unusual color here but that’s because Olympics the Olympics Michael wins his third MVP award his sixth NBA scoring title of Finals MVP award his second NBA championship and his second Olympic gold medal that’s in one year 1992 MVP of the league scoring title Finals MVP NBA championship like an Olympic gold one year that’s a special shoe should I wear these you should put these on right now all right now push push I think I’m the luckiest 12 year old right now I’ll take them number eight that is a very white shoe.

I think we’re back to a lot going on yeah yeah maybe too much I like them if I’m in the mood for something chunky right that’s a commitment look at the sparkling in there it doesn’t come together yeah okay it’s like you like peanut butter mm-hmm you like jelly but you also like lettuce and those don’t go together I couldn’t have said it any better nine let’s get it centered in the shot thank you back sorry I just noticed you were in the shot should we start over he was in stay back so we have an extra light that it’s just dark are we rolling on this not a fan he’s not a fan we’re gonna we’re just gonna keep moving things are getting better now we’re back in the realm now whoa you can’t talk about the 10 without talking about this soul talk about history you’re wearing it on your feet 92 MVP championship 93 MVP championship 94 beyond we are now back in the realm of that number 4 I totally disagree I like that it’s just a little a bit of color kind of seeping out yeah you little blue teasing you on the rim and you just want to get in there and see what’s down there nothing else they’re not too flashy no I think I know it’s coming next because they’re numbered and we just at 10 this is a different unboxing experience look at this you could start to tell right away you get the little claws going on these are number 11 but they’re not just any 11 check that out Looney Tunes we’re talking about the Space Jam shoot look at the reflection there on that if something’s gonna get you fired up this has got to be it I am so fired up right now something happened here this is the first carbon fiber I think this is the first sneaker in the group that I pulled out of the box and I feel like something happened I feel like I want to just give you let me have a moment . on any water long see when you talk about telling a story you talk about a shoe that’s got a something attached to it we said history earlier of course this one the year Jordan went off to make Space Jam the whole baseball thing the number 45 temporarily when you see this sneaker there’s so much more that comes to mind no I didn’t necessarily think I would have this type of emotional reaction to this particular shoe but it’s happening right now . I had these shoes as a kid man that’s something I love this pair wow that’s a distinctive look without being overwhelming this comes together nicely you know it is details but from a distance it’s a package .

you see the complexity great contrast just like there low tops hang not my favorite hey looking at it on its own you can see the inside of the shoe on the other side that’s what it looks like if your foot were in it that’s actually that works rolls over easy this way but this way I can’t roll over I think if the Jordans just tied to his career we still have one highlight left same model he wore for his last shot just a different colorway I love reliving that being in sync that shot unusual tongue maybe the weirdest tongue we’ve seen it certainly looks kind of like what they thought was futuristic at the time a Jetson of shoes that’s right like iRobot mm-hmm they’re not my feeling yeah do you like this pair what happened it’s like I just said it’s what happened this one I think it’s now coming into its own 416 this thing is removable right this is not that bad there’s something happening with the this is not that bad I like these without the shroud yeah I worried that I’d trip over this or lose a 17 Hank I don’t know how to feel about these this to me feels more like a Nike shoe than a Jordan this one feels like a some kind of dress shoe to me this stuff on the back yeah he likes going from the court to the boardroom well said thank you I don’t like this shoe actually this was the hardest one to find by the way this came from somebody’s personal collection hardest to get open yeah no that’s it that’s as far as it goes no yeah I can get it out further I’ll do it later I don’t even this is I don’t even it’s unfortunate this is the end though maybe we wish he retired earlier to be honest this is the moment right now where we each select our favorite out of the bunch I mean we just unboxed 18 different Jordans here who better than us to tell you which is the best you go first okay Michael Jordan one it’s the beginning.

I just love this shoe in an adult size it’s a great shoe it’s a classic look I see where you’re coming from the funny thing about this entire experience has been the less desirable shoes have been the hardest to find the collecting part of it is only half the thing like some people want to wear this history for me there’s something about this package right here which just screams of a very particular era this gives me positive vibes there’s a confidence here this is iconic to me they all are in a way they all are and one that’s up there too out of the destruction of that time period this emerged so there you have it every game warn Jordan unbox here thanks to my friend Brad Hall thank you this is fun

How to lace Jordan SPIZIKE

I’m here said I’ll be showing her how to at least the Jordans physics if I’m saying that right comment down below if I am and how to lace these I just haven’t been able to find any I started like 3040 videos and it saw only reviews or it will show up Jordan fives and have at least those but these obviously I’m Jordan 5s cuz you have the little logo right here anyway let’s get into it first rant take your laces put into the top two holes right here and I’ll either definitely not the fastest shoes to Lisa that’s a fact make sure to even this hey you know you would have oh this is my left my left side go first to go up don’t want to go under Yuna go on top gosh hey just one more time . cheap jordan shoes,once that is done now you and I have to if you haven’t already noticed I mean if you bought your spazzy –cz like unlaced that’s probably your in the video you want to go under here like that go through same with the other side going there I guess everybody call it now even that much first part is pretty easy and then you have to like want to go under here okay closes air go on top now.

you should get on side holes all right here you can see you can go under this one more time well not one more Junior easy easy right there now there are two poles up here,cheap jordan 11, I see that hopefully you can you want to go through the closest hole to the edge there pull through go through here right there go through that whole same side on the other side now there we go fix the tongue as you see I’ve got almost the same now you’re gonna go back under here one more time Josie this time you don’t go through that little back hole I’m just gonna go straight through here pull zero Oh through there we go the real nice now .

we’re trying to gonna take this piece make sure you had the push part like the top of the fish part you’re gonna have that facing upwards I’m gonna go through the top go through the same with the other side we say this morning tighten it up now you’re almost done there’s four holes up here or yeah the bottom left-hand corner on the right side go through that hole at the top nothing inside same with the other side top at the bottom righthand now basically gonna check that in the shoe unless,cheap jordans, you want to find a way to tie it anyway that’s basically how you lace these shoes done a little bit of a better job maybe does the basics I hope you did enjoy this video if you did make sure to leave a like come down below subscribe I’ll see you next one peace

Best and Worst Air Jordans 1-23

what’s up guys it’s been a couple days since my last video but I thought I’d get you with another discussion video today as you can see it is the best and worst air jordans one through twenty three hope you guys are really going to enjoy this I know I’m going to get tons of hate for it but you know whatever so just before I get in if you guys want to follow me on Twitter it’s at the real rate 20 I will follow back ,cheap jordan 11,so don’t worry about that and when you’re done watching this video don’t forget to leave your opinion of your least favorite and most favorite Jordan and don’t forget to hit that like button and hit that subscribe button.

I’m almost at 100 subscribers and when I do hit 100 I will be doing a collection video so if you want to see that get the word out and get some subscribers and I will be doing a collection video now for I know I have some new sneakerheads or some even non sneakerheads to watch my channel so I am going to be quickly going through the Jordan 1 through 23 models I just chose a basic color way to show you so I’m going to do that now Jordan 1 Jordan – Jordan 3 Jordan for Jordan 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 gotcha 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 and 23 okay so now that we’ve gotten through all those you know what they look like first off I’m going to showing you my favorite Jordan model in terms of numbered 1 through 23 my favorite numbered model and then I’m going to be showing you my top 5 favorite color ways of any model favorite model is the Jordan 11 this is just an amazing shoe when it first came out I was know it came out the year,jordan 11 china, I was born actually but when I first came out everyone was hating on it now everyone’s really liking it it’s one of the most sought-after Jordans I just love it no hype attached I just really like the shoe so now into my top 5 favorite color is Callaway number 5 is the he got game 13s this is such a nice shoe I don’t like the nickname cuz you know they came out like five months before the movie but who cares so this shoe is so nice I was unfortunately not able to get a pair when they came out this year but if they ever come out again I’m definitely going to be trying to get them fourth favorite color way is the Doernbecher 9 I know this is a new Kollek colorway nan og so I’m going to get so much hate for this but I really like it the detail put into the shoe is amazing .

I love how the outsoles are different colors and the fact that a kid designed it is even more amazing this is one of my favorite Jordans which is why it’s in my top five number three is the Concord 11s and know I’m not just doing this because it’s a hype shoe I actually really like this shoe just the simplicity of black and white yet it still looks so flashy and clean it’s really amazing so that’s my top three my second favorite Jordan colorway is the Ray Allen 13 you know I have to throw this in here I am a huge Ray Allen fan as you can see by the name of my channel this is a really nice shoe the quality on these are really awesome.

I do not own a pair except I have seen them in person and my number one Jordan colorway of all time is the pret 11 really simple really clean just amazing least favorite Jordan is the 16 in terms of models oh this is ugly I don’t know how you can not think this is ugly I don’t know what the people in Nike were thinking when they made this it’s not attractive ,cheap jordan 11 low,so I couldn’t think of five colorways that I don’t like for Jordan so I picked my least favorite three colorways so let’s get into those my third least favorite colorway is the red new buck 21 oh these are ugly these do not look nice I’m sorry if that’s not your opinion but I’m just giving my opinion so don’t hate these do not look nice now on to my second least favorite Jordan colorway the 16.

I’m calling these the timberlands because they look like a Timberland these are not these it doesn’t work on it Jordan it does not look good and there’s like koi to Roy on the back it’s just not very attractive and you guys are going to tear me apart for my least favorite Jordan colorway because probably the majority you guys love this one and wish you had in your collection but it’s the seven Olympic celebrations I love shoes that are crazy and have tons of stuff going on in them except I do not feel this was executed very well I think the laces are just an unnecessary touch um I think it looks like a kid designed it in a bad way like the Doernbecher as a kid design except that looks extremely good these are just thrown together it does not look very professional doesn’t look like they put a lot of thought into it so that is my least favorite Jordan colorway so let me know what your favorite and least favorite Jordan model numbers and colorways are please leave your comment below and please hit that subscribe button if you want to see my collection video see you later


what’s going on everybody today we are gonna be going over five sneaker rules every guy should follow and we also got a very special guest in the building we got jungle Jordan what’s good job hey I’m not gonna lie we have both definitely been guilty of breaking some of these rules man but we went through it so they don’t got to go through it right you ready to talk about these let’s go all right guys so for the first rule we got do not wear baggy pants with sleek shoes huh like the biggest sin of all sins so we brought up the combination that doesn’t really look good you know the baggy jeans with obviously V Z’s but one combination that does look good I would say are like Air Force Ones wait for maybe your cargos do you know what I mean it’s gonna match the foundation you I think that’s why all we see like – shoes you know the 700 runners you got the Balenciaga they’re always being worn with more like the bad gear track pants exactly I see seven hundreds with baggy pants all the time yep all right guys that pretty much wraps it up for sneaker rule number one do not rock baggy pants with sleek shoes ,cheap jordan 11,let’s keep it moving all right guys so for the sneaker rule number two you always got to have a nice balanced rotation of sneakers in your collection I’m not gonna lie bridge this one took me a while to learn okay okay you want to know what why all I did was robbed orders Oh every outfit hey it’s only natural if you like the pair of sneakers you’re gonna get like ten colors of those he already knows.

but yeah I had like 11 pairs of 11 11 pairs of the little bears of 11 you’re gonna check the roster to prompt wedding you know is that you that’s you know I’m black rich ah you’re out of make your ratio on us I’m not trying to question how it was we just rocked Jordans to everything I look back on it now I’m like man that wasn’t always a good look so Jordans are cool to have you know sometimes like obviously you want like you know your dress shoes formal dinners you want your heater’s for you know the week you gotta have that balanced row tation got a bit levers with a date night I used to like only rock white-on-white and no I’m not gonna like those are the most versatile sneaker,jordan 11 china, you can rock a meadow wears but that doesn’t mean there’s not a better shoe out there for certain occasions right I’m a changed man got that longer have 20 pairs of eleven five pairs of nines I moved on okay okay so that’s pretty much it for wool number to have a balanced rotation when it comes to your sneakers alright so for sneak a rule number three we got do not mix competing breathe with each other alright specifically usually with pants and sneakers .

I’m sometimes in the tops with sneakers you know what I mean they cannot be competing brands I’m very passionate about this rule really honestly truly hate seeing Adidas and Nike yeah I feel like the camera just shook a little bit you’re not gonna say it man okay you say what you say adidas tonight but this is Mike I think that’s probably the most obvious competing combination that we’re talking about it the reason why you don’t want to do competing brains it’s just gonna kind of mess up the vibe of your outfit you know what I mean about the Bob’s maybe make stripes match with a swoosh it’s clashes it clashes a little bit any kind of messes up people’s psyche but what does work is though if you’ve got like Nike or worse ones okay you can do like ampion hair sweat pants no I’ve actually done that unknowingly unknowingly I look at the brand’s Mike you know what this is okay yeah this matches,cheap jordan 11 low, because it doesn’t flash these aren’t like Teen Titans the company’s going up to get this job another combination that I would say stay away from is a supreme with baked I just can’t do it because those to me are like the juggernauts at street wear and if they’re worn together so I don’t you know that’s what I’m saying so if they’re like in that same Lane it’s here they could be worn together so maybe you got adidas candy one would be made collaborating with each other they’re not directly competing with each other they kind of do their own thing I know it’s a little bit of a tricky concept but like we’re saying there’s tears all right guys I’ve pretty much wraps it up for our sneaker rule number three do not mix competing brands with each other just kind of messes up the vibe of your entire outfit let’s keep it moving all right guys so for sneaker rule number four we are saying the sneakers be a compliment do not let it be the fit all right we gotta explain this so we gotta explain this now I honestly I’m what’s good I had your bowl with this one yeah cuz I would wear Jordans like a fresh pair Jordan right play white tee khaki shorts Wow see you you’re kind of like a traditional sneaker and I was saying this is a problem for sneakers so let me kind of break down an example for them all right okay are you got a pair of off-white ones all right and then you got a plain white Hanes team a lot of people might think the off-white ones are so heat that it’s gonna just make your whole entire outfit go that is not the case what I’m saying is try to invest a little bit more money in your clothing maybe a more premium t-shirt with some designs and then the money that you spend on that t-shirt can kind of downgrade there once you maybe like there’d red ones or your royal ones that’s gonna be a better outfit in my opinion than a pair of off-white ones with a crappy t-shirt bro you nailed it you’re gonna put a lot of things into perspective for these guys out here with just those examples along yeah we all been through this especially if you started off collecting and you’re not in a fashion first everybody’s been through this Oh everybody so wrapping this one up do not invest all your money in the sneakers .

you gotta allocate it with a little bit of balance you know what I mean it’s like some got to go to close some got to go to accessories some got to go to sneakers that way everything kind of flows with your outfit are you guys that pretty much wraps it up for rule number four let’s move on to the last rule all right guys so last but not least the last rule we have on the table is you gotta match the vibe let’s elaborate so why this I mean you got two lanes you got your vintage sneakers all right and then you got more of your modern you know technology-based sneakers okay and when it comes to your outfit you want to match the vibe of whatever sneaker you’re rockin so like you like you mean like I can’t wear some paper bags with a starter jacket exactly broke paper Max’s are more of like your modern you know a lot of new technology and I’m they’re more like your futuristic shoe and then matching it with more of like I started Jackie it doesn’t really go well I see what you’re saying rich like you said earlier in the video you want to keep everything cohesive another example I might kind of bring up is like basketball sneakers you know a lot of Technology a lot of you know air bubbles and stuff look pretty futuristic a lot of people don’t really rock those with your everyday clothing right man that you really honestly let right there .

I really just thought in my head and blew my mind just now I have never done that and I’ve always I didn’t know why didn’t I think a lot of these rules that were bringing up people kind of like you know in the back of their head they think about them but we’re basically addressing them and making them more official so in your mind do you think basketball shoes should only be worn on the court for the most part there’s some sneakers that look good with regular clothing obviously like you know for cotton sometimes work well like they’re you know Stefan Curry’s gonna know we’re talking those were jeans are people rockin those at all maybe not but shout out to the Curry’s now that’s it a curse all right but that’s pretty much it for our last one man you know you just gotta match the vibe of your sneaker I agree all right guys that pretty much wraps it up for the five sneaker rules that we have for you guys and obviously these are just gotta rule like meant to be broken sometimes you don’t have to follow these you know it’s there they are good I’m the good notes to keep mine don’t ya understand why what you’re doing if you’re break if you break this yeah sometimes there are exceptions to rules you know what I mean and I’m not saying these are like concrete these are just guidelines just guidelines and something that we do recommend but that’s pretty much it down below in the comments let us know what rules that you guys even follow in your life.

right now I’ll make sure you guys check out Jordans channel when you got to get a chance to and it’s all next time we out peace all right so you were checking out that video make sure you guys check out this video also check out this video and like what you’re saying these are just guidelines these aren’t concrete rules just stuff that we recommend on the forever all right all right and it’s so next time we out peace

harley fatboy parts

harley fatboy parts

As a biker and proud motorcycle owner, your Harley should be a treasured piece of machinery and will almost certainly be your pride and joy. As a Harley owner you know you’re doing things right when it comes to your motorcycle obsession, but more often than not, simply owning a Harley isn’t enough. Once we purchase our bikes, we then think about customising them and changing their appearance and possibly even their performance. Some people choose something as simple as a few Harley fatboy custom parts to help enhance the appearance of their bikes, whilst others go a little more extreme and opt for a complete makeover by purchasing a vast array of Harley heritage custom deluxe parts. Whatever look you’re going for, or whatever you’re trying to achieve with your bike, one thing we can all agree on, is the fact that none of us want to spend more money than we have to. Because of this, Harley aftermarket products can be absolutely fantastic as they look just as good, cheap motorcycle fairings if not better, than the original parts, and they can be just as strong, durable, and protective as well, providing you purchase top of the range aftermarket parts, from professional companies. Here’s a look at how to avoid being ripped off when shopping for aftermarket parts for your Harley.

Find out which materials are used This is arguably the most important step to consider when browsing for aftermarket parts. Harley custom fatboy parts for example, should ideally only be made using top of the line fiberglass. Fiberglass is by far the most superior and effective material when it comes to Harley parts so ensure the company you’re thinking of buying from actually uses this material instead of cheap plastics and resins instead.

Read reviews Word of mouth is an incredibly important tool in this day and age, so to avoid being ripped off and sold an inferior product at an inflated price, see what past customers have to say about the company and the products. motorcycle fairings If you’re looking for Harley heritage deluxe custom parts for example, see what others have to say about their deluxe Harley heritage custom parts range. If the reviews are largely positive, you could be onto a winner. If reviews are largely negative, look for a company that actually impresses its customers.

Never rush into things Although aftermarket products can be extremely cost efficient, that doesn’t mean they all are. If you were to rush and buy the first product that you came across, only to find it was made in India using cheap materials, there’s a good chance it could break or become damaged, meaning you would have to shell out for a replacement of much better quality. Take your time, do your research, read reviews, 2007 gsxr 600 fairing read specifications, and even compareprices. It may be tedious, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

If you’re looking for top of the range aftermarket parts for your motorcycle, Body Parts USA is the company for you. They stock a vast array of top of the range aftermarket parts and accessories using top of the range materials made in the USA by a team of passionate, highly skilled, highly experienced, and highly driven engineers. They cater for popular brands such as Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Ferrari, Range Rover, grom fairings and much more on top of that.

Baskets Nike pour homme pointure 41

Baskets Nike pour homme pointure 41

Nike Roshe G Chaussures De Golf UK:7 EUR:41 US:8 (AA1837 001)Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes UK:7 EUR:41 US:8 (AA1837 001) Condition is New with box, however the lid has been ripped off. 100% genuine. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class to sign for. The Nike Roshe G Men’s Golf Shoe features a mesh upper for breathability and a modern look, while the soft and flexible foam midsole cushions every step on and off the course. All Round Comfort The minimal upper wraps your foot for a lightweight, sock like fit, so you can focus on your game and not your shoes. Plush Cushioning A Phylon foam midsole provides durable cushioning from the clubhouse to the greens.

24,79 EUR

BNWB Genuine Nike Air Vortex LTR Baskets rtro en Sequoia taille UK 7 EU 41Nike Air Vortex LTR. This iteration boasts textile, suede and leather uppers for comfortable support. This pair sit atop a foam midsole with Air Sole cushioning and are finished with a durable rubber outsole with waffle inspired outsole traction pattern to the base.

73,23 EUR

Vendeur Top Fiabilit31,56 EUR de frais de livraison

NIKE ODYSSEY REACT SHIELD Running Baskets Gym Casual UK taille 7 (Eur 41) NoirNIKE ODYSSEY REACT SHIELD Running Trainers Gym Casual Size UK 7 (EUR 41) Black Water Resistant. ODYSSEY REACT SHIELD. Colour Black / White Cool Grey. SOFT SMOOTH RIDE, WEATHERISED. Size: UK 7. Special rubber on the forefoot and heel provides optimal traction on wet surfaces. nike presto fly pas cher

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Vendeur Top Fiabilit31,90 EUR de frais de livraison

Nike Internationalist SE ELEMENTAL GOLD “UK 7, EUR 41, US 8, cm 26, AJ2024 701Nike Internationalist SE “ELEMENTAL GOLD” UK 7, EUR 41, US 8, CM 26, BNIB. 100% Authentic brought from the Nike Outlet. These trainers are of premium quality and really comfortable. ONLY HAVE ONE PAIR IN THIS SIZE, THEREFORE PRICED SENSIBLE FOR QUICK SALE Box lid missing. Any question feel free to ask. See my other listing for cheap trainers.

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Provenance: Royaume Uni35,61 EUR de frais de livraisonNIKE AIR MAX ESSENTIAL 90 taille 7 UK 41 EUR vendeur de confiance 537384 085Brand new trainers in box but box is missing lid. Fast and free delivery. Trusted seller, check my feedback from previous buyers. Pictures are pictures of the actual item for sale. nike vapormax homme noir I don’t use stock pictures like other sellers so you can see the actual trainers you will be purchasing. I am happy to answer any questions regarding this item. Ask an many as you like. I am also happy to provide further pictures if you require them. All of my items are genuine and authentic. Evidence can be provided if required. Thanks for Looking and check my other items for many great stylish trainers, sportswear and clothes.

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My CBR1000rr New Look REVEAL NEW Aftermarket Fairings

finally it’s some time to unveil the new look and mods from my CBR $1,000 ah let’s go for right you’re watching psycho cruises along with motorcycle channel subscribe to date no I bought this bike new in 2014 it was a leftover new model and I paid $8,000 out the door it was in the OEM red color and I decided I wanted to put some custom theories on the bike so I took my mint condition om red fairings off which you’re sitting up in my attic in a box right now and I switched over to some custom yellow fairings and oh I love that look it was really awesome then I decided to change up and I added a black tank cover for the yellow and black look so the bumblebee look I love that but then after a while I said man I want to change it up again and I changed all white fairings then eventually I added some om Honda Repsol orange wheels and I said you know what I’m also go ahead and change over for the whole Repsol look so put some Repsol fairings on the bike and that’s why i went with the extreme fairings so let’s take a look at it guys and I also go over the mods that I did to the bike as well okay as far as the mods I only added two performance mods which I’ll go over in just a moment but right now I want to go over the previous mods it I did to the bike and and give a review on them these Chinese aftermarket levers.

I added when I added the orange Repsol wheels and I’ll tell you guys I’ve had no problems with these levers they look fantastic very inexpensive I’ve always used Chinese aftermarket levers going all the way back to my CBR 250r I use it on a CBR 600 double R I have it on my wr250r and now this bike and I’ve had no problems with the Chinese aftermarket levers I don’t know why you guys spend hundreds of dollars for those name-brand ones these work just as great also I added this is a custom doc I built for free if you want to see how to make this for free I’ll include the video link in the description and comments section of this video by the way links to everything all the mods I did on this bike include in the description and comments section of this video or you can go to my website at psycho Cruiser comm and click on the menu tab my mods and those are current links to all the mods I did for this bike and also the wr250r so hey go check that out also right ,cbr 500r fairings,after I got the bike I added aftermarket exhaust cuz the stock exhaust just made this bike sound like a scooter I love this hyperflow exhaust it has the S bend in the pipe this is custom for the cbr1000rr it creates back pressure with this s Bend so you don’t end up with any idling issues like you would on with some of the other aftermarket exhausts so I didn’t have to add a Power Commander to this bike I’ve had no problems I still get 40 miles per gallon with this bike average as far as the fender eliminator kid this is the second one that I added on the bike and I did this when I put on the the Repsol wheels I love this aftermarket kit I’ve had no problems whatsoever it’s got the light right there that shines on the plate I also have two cameras here that show that way.

I can give use from both sides of the bike and I have a big power bank in here the powers the cameras I have a blaster X taillight that I added previously it has the integrated turn signals it’s really bright and it it modulates the light so it to help me be seen from traffic behind me help keep me safe out there as far as the new mods that I did to the bike and it the 520 chain and sprocket kit the quick acceleration kit I decided to go with just one tooth down with the front sprocket and I stuck with the 42 teeth in the rear as you can see it’s a beautiful black much better than the stock rear sprocket because the stock rear sprockets man on most stock bikes they get they get stains on them they’re just horrible I don’t like that the stock sprockets I love this looks much better gold chain beautiful just like my wr250r has a gold chain and I was going to go with one tooth down in the front and two up on the rear but a lot of you guys told me said man just stick with the one two down in the front because if you do the two up in the rear as well that’s a lot of you guys saying it pulls the front wheel up a lot it revs really high on the highway and also throws a speed of all big-time which with this setup,yamaha r6 fairings, I’ll still probably it’ll throw the speed of off a bit and I may add a speedo healer like I did from my wr250r but really it’s unnecessary because I always keep a GPS on the bikes and this gives the accurate speed anyhow I’ll probably won’t even add a speedo healer to the bike also I added the booze as timing retard plug-and-play piece that goes on there very simple install I’m gonna do a video on that for you guys to show you how quick and easy it is to install it and basically what that does is that takes the restriction of this bike this is the American bike of course I’m here in Ohio in the United States but the European models you don’t have to get that pizzazz time and retard plug and play piece because your your bikes are unrestricted they put a restriction for the American bikes so basically this is gonna up the bike six horsepower and also bring the peak power lower down in the RPM range by 1500 rpm I’ll do a first ride with this bike and let you guys know ,cheap motorcycle fairings,if it feels any different from stock so look forward to that video also I upgraded the brake pads to EB R Double H brake pads for the front and rear and also previously I have this plug in here for my heated gloves and heated gear because you know I ride year-round also added a pro grip tank pad which I’ve been using going all the way back to the CBR 250r very inexpensive like five ten bucks and they work great like said I’ll include links in the description and comments section of this video to everything .

but I don’t know what you guys think you like this or what beautiful or what man you know in the past I said I didn’t want to go with Repsol because it’s I don’t like ever giving free advertisement but you know what I just had to do it since I had the the orange red saw wheels you know and I love the high vis look because this is going to help me be seen better out on the streets to help keep me safe keep me from having a real effed up day so I want to hear your comments what do you guys think I love this front how they integrate the the windscreen paint job with the the front fairing I think that’s beautiful nice I like it and a bunch of advertisement down here like said free advertisement but it makes it look cooler I guess I just love the orange white red just pops it’s really cool like I said guys I’ll do a first ride with this bike coming up when the weather gets better right now we got a ton of snow out there on the street so it’s gonna be a while before I can ride probably when the weather gets better ,yamaha r1 fairings,I’m going to do a full review on this fold-up motorcycle trailer that fits in the garage perfectly takes a very little room so look forward to that and for those of you that want to get my motorcycle gear cuz you often ask you know my camo pants motorcycle jackets boots gloves helmets everything always include links in the description and comments section of my videos or go to my website psycho Cruiser comm and click on the menu tab my gear and those are current links to all of my gear cameras everything .

Or upgrade your frame for reduced drag with kawasaki oem fairings

There is nothing else left for you to do and you never find yourself in a situation where you have a flat battery, in theory. However, it is still important to check the output of these charges before determining if it compatible with your motorcycle battery. Unplug your battery and take it out of the motorcycle for safety.

That parallel Twin engine is actually pretty okay. With its 77 x 83mm undersquare bore and stroke, you’d expect it to be torquey down low but its torque peak is in fact up at 4700 rpm, so it kind of likes to be revved up more; it really doesn’t wake up till around 4000 rpm. You get your 45.5 hp peak at 6100 rpm and just when you’re thinking yeah baby, you run into the limiter at 7k.

Trike Shop of Daytona, 2010 conversion of 2007 VTX 1800 that was new in crate in 2010. harley batwing fairing 33,000 miles. Being sold with many of the upgrades needed for touring. UShip is an auction style marketplace, where shippers compete for your business. They provide feedback on their shipers, so check them out before you select. 4.

Take note that the trunks need to compliment the entire alignment of your motorbike. Moreover, additional things like the locks and lights also add value to your trunks. Make sure that you know where every extra penny spent on the motorcycle trunks is going..

So go to a local K Mart, Dollar Store, r1 fairings Canadian Tire etc and find some really cheap, all pastic (no metal parts), nylon bristle brushes with long handles (2 is fine). While you are there, grab a hand sized scrubber (all plasitic as well) to scrub the sidewalls of your tires. What to go all the way to do your best? Grab 3 paint brushes (1, 2, and 4), if they have metal parts you will need to wrap those up with masking tape so they cannot scratch anything.Ok, wash your bike now!! Remember to clean that water to get all the dirt out often.

Braking up front is handled by a thoroughly revised system. kawasaki ninja 300 fairings The rotors shrank 20mm, down to 300mm, and are .5mm thicker, saving 40 grams of weight. They are gripped by radial mounted four piston brake calipers, which are topped off by a radial master cylinder that more efficiently translates lever pressure to stopping power.

The electronics package is limited by current standards, but it hits all the right notes. The engine has three ride modes, named 1, 2, and 3, with 1 giving the sportiest ride and 3 being a rain mode. I found myself staying in 1 for any riding that involved curves and in 2 for around town. gsxr fairing

With the Speciale version comes an all titanium Akrapovic exhaust system that raises power to 226 hp at a claimed dry weight of 414 pounds. That is a weight to power ratio of 1.83 pounds/hp. To give my 1966 Yamaha YL2C that ratio would have required 100 more horsepower than it actually had.

07 Custom Fairing kit

07 Custom Fairing kit

Yamaha YZF R6 03 04/R6S 06 07 Motorcycle BodyworksYou are looking at the Yamaha YZF R6/R6S Aftermarket Fairing kit for 2003 up to 2007 year models. This Bodykit for Yamaha YZF R6/R6S is made of fiberglass to guarantee you strength and durability. Our Yamaha R6/R6S OEM replacement Fairing kit is sold unpainted so that you can easily customize your paint job. The Yamaha R6/R6S Bolt on fairing kit will easily steal attention wherever you ride or park it. Buy one from us today and have it shipped to your home.Condition: New, never installedFitment:Yamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07 ( Unpainted )Material: High quality Fiberglass, provides good elasticity and high heat toleranceFeatures: All fairings are Pre Drilled and fit just like a glove.Package Includes:1 x Fiberglass Unpainted Bodywork Fairing for Yamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07Total 19 piecesThis fairing kit will be professionally packed with bubble wrapped to assure it arrives safely to you. We guarantee fitment forYamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07 and the mounting holes come pre drilled holes for easier installation. 2005 yamaha r6 fairings 1, Professional installation highly recommended.2, Only compatible with original motorcycle, not modified one.3, Holes are Pre drilled, 100% Fitment guaranteed.The fairing kit is made of flexible, durable and lightweight fiberglass which will protect both the machinery and the rider from debris and gusts of wind. 2007 gsxr 750 fairing
07 Custom Fairing kit

Yamaha YZF R6 03 04/R6S 06 07 Motorcycle BodyworksYou are looking at the Yamaha YZF R6/R6S Aftermarket Fairing kit for 2003 up to 2007 year models. This Bodykit for Yamaha YZF R6/R6S is made of fiberglass to guarantee you strength and durability. Our Yamaha R6/R6S OEM replacement Fairing kit is sold unpainted so that you can easily customize your paint job. The Yamaha R6/R6S Bolt on fairing kit will easily steal attention wherever you ride or park it. Buy one from us today and have it shipped to your home.Condition: New, never installedFitment:Yamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07 ( Unpainted )Material: High quality Fiberglass, provides good elasticity and high heat toleranceFeatures: All fairings are Pre Drilled and fit just like a glove.Package Includes:1 x Fiberglass Unpainted Bodywork Fairing for Yamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07Total 19 piecesThis fairing kit will be professionally packed with bubble wrapped to assure it arrives safely to you. We guarantee fitment forYamaha YZF R6 03 04 R6S 06 07 and the mounting holes come pre drilled holes for easier installation. kawasaki fairings 1, Professional installation highly recommended.2, Only compatible with original motorcycle, not modified one.3, Holes are Pre drilled, 100% Fitment guaranteed.The fairing kit is made of flexible, durable and lightweight fiberglass which will protect both the machinery and the rider from debris and gusts of wind. grom fairings