Alpha Distribution Solutions Adds Ozone Room
Posted on July 24, 2019

Alpha Distribution Solutions is excited to announce that we have added to our long list of value added services.   We have just acquired an Ozone Odor Eliminator that will be added to our facilities.  With the addition of the Ozone Odor Eliminator, we are now capable of removing strong odors from apparel.,The eliminator is capable of removing almost all biological odors from apparel; for example it can eliminate smells such as: body odor, mildew, smoke, etc.  If your company receives a high volume of returns that have an odor to them, we are capable destroying those odors and bringing apparel back to fresh smelling  sell-able condition.  Our ozone room is capable of getting rid of the most potent odors, while allowing the apparel to come out with a fresh smell.

Our state-of-the-art two phase ozone room features                                                                        .  The Odor eliminator works to fundamentally break down and alter the odors on molecular level.  When the ozone is generated it expands out and attaches to the molecules, bacteria and spores that create offensive odors in the apparel.  When the ozone attaches to odor causing  molecules it chemically changes the structure of the molecule to a non odor causing one.  When the ozone attaches to bacteria or spores,Air max 95 pas cher, it attacks their shells and causes them to break down, thus removing the odor causing agent all together.air max pas cher france,  Once the odors have been removed from the apparel, we circulate the room with fresh air, which allows the apparel to return to a consumer friendly smell.