Posted on March 23, 2018

what’s going on everybody today we are gonna be going over five sneaker rules every guy should follow and we also got a very special guest in the building we got jungle Jordan what’s good job hey I’m not gonna lie we have both definitely been guilty of breaking some of these rules man but we went through it so they don’t got to go through it right you ready to talk about these let’s go all right guys so for the first rule we got do not wear baggy pants with sleek shoes huh like the biggest sin of all sins so we brought up the combination that doesn’t really look good you know the baggy jeans with obviously V Z’s but one combination that does look good I would say are like Air Force Ones wait for maybe your cargos do you know what I mean it’s gonna match the foundation you I think that’s why all we see like – shoes you know the 700 runners you got the Balenciaga they’re always being worn with more like the bad gear track pants exactly I see seven hundreds with baggy pants all the time yep all right guys that pretty much wraps it up for sneaker rule number one do not rock baggy pants with sleek shoes ,cheap jordan 11,let’s keep it moving all right guys so for the sneaker rule number two you always got to have a nice balanced rotation of sneakers in your collection I’m not gonna lie bridge this one took me a while to learn okay okay you want to know what why all I did was robbed orders Oh every outfit hey it’s only natural if you like the pair of sneakers you’re gonna get like ten colors of those he already knows.

but yeah I had like 11 pairs of 11 11 pairs of the little bears of 11 you’re gonna check the roster to prompt wedding you know is that you that’s you know I’m black rich ah you’re out of make your ratio on us I’m not trying to question how it was we just rocked Jordans to everything I look back on it now I’m like man that wasn’t always a good look so Jordans are cool to have you know sometimes like obviously you want like you know your dress shoes formal dinners you want your heater’s for you know the week you gotta have that balanced row tation got a bit levers with a date night I used to like only rock white-on-white and no I’m not gonna like those are the most versatile sneaker,jordan 11 china, you can rock a meadow wears but that doesn’t mean there’s not a better shoe out there for certain occasions right I’m a changed man got that longer have 20 pairs of eleven five pairs of nines I moved on okay okay so that’s pretty much it for wool number to have a balanced rotation when it comes to your sneakers alright so for sneak a rule number three we got do not mix competing breathe with each other alright specifically usually with pants and sneakers .

I’m sometimes in the tops with sneakers you know what I mean they cannot be competing brands I’m very passionate about this rule really honestly truly hate seeing Adidas and Nike yeah I feel like the camera just shook a little bit you’re not gonna say it man okay you say what you say adidas tonight but this is Mike I think that’s probably the most obvious competing combination that we’re talking about it the reason why you don’t want to do competing brains it’s just gonna kind of mess up the vibe of your outfit you know what I mean about the Bob’s maybe make stripes match with a swoosh it’s clashes it clashes a little bit any kind of messes up people’s psyche but what does work is though if you’ve got like Nike or worse ones okay you can do like ampion hair sweat pants no I’ve actually done that unknowingly unknowingly I look at the brand’s Mike you know what this is okay yeah this matches,cheap jordan 11 low, because it doesn’t flash these aren’t like Teen Titans the company’s going up to get this job another combination that I would say stay away from is a supreme with baked I just can’t do it because those to me are like the juggernauts at street wear and if they’re worn together so I don’t you know that’s what I’m saying so if they’re like in that same Lane it’s here they could be worn together so maybe you got adidas candy one would be made collaborating with each other they’re not directly competing with each other they kind of do their own thing I know it’s a little bit of a tricky concept but like we’re saying there’s tears all right guys I’ve pretty much wraps it up for our sneaker rule number three do not mix competing brands with each other just kind of messes up the vibe of your entire outfit let’s keep it moving all right guys so for sneaker rule number four we are saying the sneakers be a compliment do not let it be the fit all right we gotta explain this so we gotta explain this now I honestly I’m what’s good I had your bowl with this one yeah cuz I would wear Jordans like a fresh pair Jordan right play white tee khaki shorts Wow see you you’re kind of like a traditional sneaker and I was saying this is a problem for sneakers so let me kind of break down an example for them all right okay are you got a pair of off-white ones all right and then you got a plain white Hanes team a lot of people might think the off-white ones are so heat that it’s gonna just make your whole entire outfit go that is not the case what I’m saying is try to invest a little bit more money in your clothing maybe a more premium t-shirt with some designs and then the money that you spend on that t-shirt can kind of downgrade there once you maybe like there’d red ones or your royal ones that’s gonna be a better outfit in my opinion than a pair of off-white ones with a crappy t-shirt bro you nailed it you’re gonna put a lot of things into perspective for these guys out here with just those examples along yeah we all been through this especially if you started off collecting and you’re not in a fashion first everybody’s been through this Oh everybody so wrapping this one up do not invest all your money in the sneakers .

you gotta allocate it with a little bit of balance you know what I mean it’s like some got to go to close some got to go to accessories some got to go to sneakers that way everything kind of flows with your outfit are you guys that pretty much wraps it up for rule number four let’s move on to the last rule all right guys so last but not least the last rule we have on the table is you gotta match the vibe let’s elaborate so why this I mean you got two lanes you got your vintage sneakers all right and then you got more of your modern you know technology-based sneakers okay and when it comes to your outfit you want to match the vibe of whatever sneaker you’re rockin so like you like you mean like I can’t wear some paper bags with a starter jacket exactly broke paper Max’s are more of like your modern you know a lot of new technology and I’m they’re more like your futuristic shoe and then matching it with more of like I started Jackie it doesn’t really go well I see what you’re saying rich like you said earlier in the video you want to keep everything cohesive another example I might kind of bring up is like basketball sneakers you know a lot of Technology a lot of you know air bubbles and stuff look pretty futuristic a lot of people don’t really rock those with your everyday clothing right man that you really honestly let right there .

I really just thought in my head and blew my mind just now I have never done that and I’ve always I didn’t know why didn’t I think a lot of these rules that were bringing up people kind of like you know in the back of their head they think about them but we’re basically addressing them and making them more official so in your mind do you think basketball shoes should only be worn on the court for the most part there’s some sneakers that look good with regular clothing obviously like you know for cotton sometimes work well like they’re you know Stefan Curry’s gonna know we’re talking those were jeans are people rockin those at all maybe not but shout out to the Curry’s now that’s it a curse all right but that’s pretty much it for our last one man you know you just gotta match the vibe of your sneaker I agree all right guys that pretty much wraps it up for the five sneaker rules that we have for you guys and obviously these are just gotta rule like meant to be broken sometimes you don’t have to follow these you know it’s there they are good I’m the good notes to keep mine don’t ya understand why what you’re doing if you’re break if you break this yeah sometimes there are exceptions to rules you know what I mean and I’m not saying these are like concrete these are just guidelines just guidelines and something that we do recommend but that’s pretty much it down below in the comments let us know what rules that you guys even follow in your life.

right now I’ll make sure you guys check out Jordans channel when you got to get a chance to and it’s all next time we out peace all right so you were checking out that video make sure you guys check out this video also check out this video and like what you’re saying these are just guidelines these aren’t concrete rules just stuff that we recommend on the forever all right all right and it’s so next time we out peace