Unboxing Every Air Jordan Sneaker
Posted on June 9, 2018

I did not own a single Jordan as he could tell things have changed I decided to embark on an expedition for an unboxing video of every Jordan ever quick disclaimer I decided to focus on game-worn Jordans of course we know there are 31 pairs of Jordans but only 18 during his playing career each one representing a different stage a different time not just in Michael Jordan’s career but your life but here’s the thing I can’t do a video of this magnitude without calling in a special favor without calling up the right man for the job ladies and gentlemen Brad hall lots of shoes which camera do I look at you can look over there,cheap jordan shoes, I felt like I was watching a church sermon just now I’ve been told that before in fact very passionate we got a lot of shoes here you’re kind of a shoe guy though I like ceaseless yeah okay I have my own YouTube channel I talk about cool shoes you’re the perfect guy I think so I’d be lost without you I think so Jordan one can i Anthony be my guest . can I take them out this look at that that’s Chicago Bulls man am i right does that say Chicago Bulls smells great though sounds a little bit strange actually this smells like that barbershop that’s a site a little small the great color way mmm classic classic Chicago Bulls here right this is a popular Jordan oh yeah yeah really handsome shit wings logo wings logo right here laces are inside of the shoe right now .

they are so it’s got pretty much everything mm-hmm where are those other ones Jack I actually had to go out and get something my size look at that right there look at that this is not an on-court look I don’t like that one yeah it’s not an on-court look you can’t go wrong with this shoe this one you can go home when you can go wrong with it yeah there’s what is that gum is that dumb-dumb sole ,cheap jordan 11,I don’t think that’s gone all right the box has changed Air Jordan 2 and now you got Michael starin right at you like making eye contact with him this is not my favorite Jordan I gotta say the older I get the more I like these really I really like this on the tongue here Jordan on the bottom February 87 a high-flying arrow bat rim rattling jams keep MJ hovering around 37 points per game earned him his first scoring title in these shoes right here same box oh man now this is a major development have at it these are very nice Wow like I’ve completely forgot the twos right now the popular shoes get reissued at different points this thing we’re holding right here is 14 years old it’s like a museum in here right now tell the non sneaker heads these are the laces I don’t like seeing the my Claire Jordan dunking on the back on the lower laces here we have extra three eyelets are those available for you sir those just for looks I think you can use this it’s gonna take a long time to get I’ll do it if you no no I’m just I was just curious if that’s I’ll do it okay I didn’t should I have not done this you how much you can get Knox that’s it number four this box is great I noticed you reacted really strongly to it

I knew what was coming I started I I’m stirred up right now look at that hmm I love this pair it’s like a little bit of everything they’re working on and yet it looks like a complete package it does look like a shoe it looks and look at this cardboard stick I’m enjoying this oh I like the shoe though this silver tongue though hey do not like this detail it sounds like you’re not a fan of the Jumpman it’s hard to look at these look at this the lacing opportunities a lot of options I feel like it was in the make it your way era where everyone wanted to customize I think Burger King led the way then have it your way yeah they were telling everyone that they could have it their way and this piggybacked on it that’s really not true do you think the pace of this is going okay I just feel like we’re taking should we speed it up three minutes per shoe times 18 that’s 54 minutes we’re looking at an hour-long video I feel like I didn’t do that well things have obviously changed at this point I think the world is transitioning ,cheap jordans for sale,they want things to look more high-tech this is the varsity red colorway leather feels nice tough what is this is this a dryer sheet this is a good one yeah maybe the greatest year in Michael Jordan’s career mm-hmm look at that I prefer looking at the monitor than seeing them in real life actually look at that I feel like they kind of tamed a little bit from the last one with the unusual color here but that’s because Olympics the Olympics Michael wins his third MVP award his sixth NBA scoring title of Finals MVP award his second NBA championship and his second Olympic gold medal that’s in one year 1992 MVP of the league scoring title Finals MVP NBA championship like an Olympic gold one year that’s a special shoe should I wear these you should put these on right now all right now push push I think I’m the luckiest 12 year old right now I’ll take them number eight that is a very white shoe.

I think we’re back to a lot going on yeah yeah maybe too much I like them if I’m in the mood for something chunky right that’s a commitment look at the sparkling in there it doesn’t come together yeah okay it’s like you like peanut butter mm-hmm you like jelly but you also like lettuce and those don’t go together I couldn’t have said it any better nine let’s get it centered in the shot thank you back sorry I just noticed you were in the shot should we start over he was in stay back so we have an extra light that it’s just dark are we rolling on this not a fan he’s not a fan we’re gonna we’re just gonna keep moving things are getting better now we’re back in the realm now whoa you can’t talk about the 10 without talking about this soul talk about history you’re wearing it on your feet 92 MVP championship 93 MVP championship 94 beyond we are now back in the realm of that number 4 I totally disagree I like that it’s just a little a bit of color kind of seeping out yeah you little blue teasing you on the rim and you just want to get in there and see what’s down there nothing else they’re not too flashy no I think I know it’s coming next because they’re numbered and we just at 10 this is a different unboxing experience look at this you could start to tell right away you get the little claws going on these are number 11 but they’re not just any 11 check that out Looney Tunes we’re talking about the Space Jam shoot look at the reflection there on that if something’s gonna get you fired up this has got to be it I am so fired up right now something happened here this is the first carbon fiber I think this is the first sneaker in the group that I pulled out of the box and I feel like something happened I feel like I want to just give you let me have a moment . on any water long see when you talk about telling a story you talk about a shoe that’s got a something attached to it we said history earlier of course this one the year Jordan went off to make Space Jam the whole baseball thing the number 45 temporarily when you see this sneaker there’s so much more that comes to mind no I didn’t necessarily think I would have this type of emotional reaction to this particular shoe but it’s happening right now . I had these shoes as a kid man that’s something I love this pair wow that’s a distinctive look without being overwhelming this comes together nicely you know it is details but from a distance it’s a package .

you see the complexity great contrast just like there low tops hang not my favorite hey looking at it on its own you can see the inside of the shoe on the other side that’s what it looks like if your foot were in it that’s actually that works rolls over easy this way but this way I can’t roll over I think if the Jordans just tied to his career we still have one highlight left same model he wore for his last shot just a different colorway I love reliving that being in sync that shot unusual tongue maybe the weirdest tongue we’ve seen it certainly looks kind of like what they thought was futuristic at the time a Jetson of shoes that’s right like iRobot mm-hmm they’re not my feeling yeah do you like this pair what happened it’s like I just said it’s what happened this one I think it’s now coming into its own 416 this thing is removable right this is not that bad there’s something happening with the this is not that bad I like these without the shroud yeah I worried that I’d trip over this or lose a 17 Hank I don’t know how to feel about these this to me feels more like a Nike shoe than a Jordan this one feels like a some kind of dress shoe to me this stuff on the back yeah he likes going from the court to the boardroom well said thank you I don’t like this shoe actually this was the hardest one to find by the way this came from somebody’s personal collection hardest to get open yeah no that’s it that’s as far as it goes no yeah I can get it out further I’ll do it later I don’t even this is I don’t even it’s unfortunate this is the end though maybe we wish he retired earlier to be honest this is the moment right now where we each select our favorite out of the bunch I mean we just unboxed 18 different Jordans here who better than us to tell you which is the best you go first okay Michael Jordan one it’s the beginning.

I just love this shoe in an adult size it’s a great shoe it’s a classic look I see where you’re coming from the funny thing about this entire experience has been the less desirable shoes have been the hardest to find the collecting part of it is only half the thing like some people want to wear this history for me there’s something about this package right here which just screams of a very particular era this gives me positive vibes there’s a confidence here this is iconic to me they all are in a way they all are and one that’s up there too out of the destruction of that time period this emerged so there you have it every game warn Jordan unbox here thanks to my friend Brad Hall thank you this is fun