How to lace Jordan SPIZIKE
Posted on May 10, 2018

I’m here said I’ll be showing her how to at least the Jordans physics if I’m saying that right comment down below if I am and how to lace these I just haven’t been able to find any I started like 3040 videos and it saw only reviews or it will show up Jordan fives and have at least those but these obviously I’m Jordan 5s cuz you have the little logo right here anyway let’s get into it first rant take your laces put into the top two holes right here and I’ll either definitely not the fastest shoes to Lisa that’s a fact make sure to even this hey you know you would have oh this is my left my left side go first to go up don’t want to go under Yuna go on top gosh hey just one more time . cheap jordan shoes,once that is done now you and I have to if you haven’t already noticed I mean if you bought your spazzy –cz like unlaced that’s probably your in the video you want to go under here like that go through same with the other side going there I guess everybody call it now even that much first part is pretty easy and then you have to like want to go under here okay closes air go on top now.

you should get on side holes all right here you can see you can go under this one more time well not one more Junior easy easy right there now there are two poles up here,cheap jordan 11, I see that hopefully you can you want to go through the closest hole to the edge there pull through go through here right there go through that whole same side on the other side now there we go fix the tongue as you see I’ve got almost the same now you’re gonna go back under here one more time Josie this time you don’t go through that little back hole I’m just gonna go straight through here pull zero Oh through there we go the real nice now .

we’re trying to gonna take this piece make sure you had the push part like the top of the fish part you’re gonna have that facing upwards I’m gonna go through the top go through the same with the other side we say this morning tighten it up now you’re almost done there’s four holes up here or yeah the bottom left-hand corner on the right side go through that hole at the top nothing inside same with the other side top at the bottom righthand now basically gonna check that in the shoe unless,cheap jordans, you want to find a way to tie it anyway that’s basically how you lace these shoes done a little bit of a better job maybe does the basics I hope you did enjoy this video if you did make sure to leave a like come down below subscribe I’ll see you next one peace