3PL - Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack is our specialty.
Today, retail distribution is emphasizing more split-case picking. This type of picking is gaining in importance and in popularity. With a trend in retail distribution to custom ordering, our picking services are designed for an accurate and quick response. Our automated zone routing system ensures that all resources are dedicated to efficient and accurate split-case picking.

Automated Conveyor System.
An intelligent automated conveyor system, which we refer to as the Smart System supports high volume piece picks for large SKU counts by maximizing the efficiency of our pickers. The WMS system piece-pick orders are waved and downloaded to the conveyor system server and PLC (conveyor process control computer). The integrated system is designed to maximize throughput by automatically scanning and diverting cartons into only those picking zones containing goods to be picked into the carton; and, by leveling the work load by determining and bypassing ‘busy’ zones and passing the carton to the next picking zone containing goods to be picked. The closed-loop system recycles any incomplete picked cartons to the zone(s) requiring picks.

img_pickpack_1WMS is a “no weigh” system. That’s right, we spend no time weighing cartons or calculating cubes and counting pallets to obtain routing and ship your goods. The WMS Wave does it for us. However, the system also accommodates physical weighing should you or your customer require it.

WMS will provide you with the highest fill rate you can attain. The Pre-Wave and Pick Bin Replenishment modules of WMS couple to ensure that the inventory necessary to fill your customer’s orders are available in the picking locations at the time of the Wave in order to maximize order fulfillment. If the goods are on site at our facility, they will ship.

The WMS system also supports the more fluid, lower count SKU environment typically demanded of picking assortments, pre-packs or inner-case packs. The same Wave and zone picking concepts of WMS support this form of split case shipping. The results are the same – a cost-effective, accurate and timely solution to your shipping needs.

Both the piece-pick and assortment-pick services are managed by our fully automated and integrated order processing and inventory control system known as WMS which is designed for secure, timely and flawless fulfillment. WMS provides the technology and specialized equipment to support a variety of distribution channels to meet the retailer’s needs including ship direct to retailer’s store, ship-to DC/mark for store, or ship to DC. WMS can provide this functionality for clients who have a handful or orders a day or thousands of orders a day. Additionally, WMS supports direct to consumer distribution via drop ship or integration with eCommerce web-based systems.