3PL - Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Alpha Distribution Solutions has the experience and expertise to provide value added services that are critical to maintaining a responsive distribution process. With our extensive history in the textile industry, our ability to do re-work on apparel items is unsurpassed. We understand that not all companies are alike, and have the systems in place to tailor a program to suit your particular requirements as they relate to warehousing, packaging, distribution, order processing, or shipping.

Value Added Services Include:

  • Sorting, Bagging, Stickering, Hanging
  • Re-tagging
  • Promotional Display Builds & Kitting
  • Consulting Services
  • Cycle Counting
  • Exception Order Processing
  • Back Office Outsourcing
    • ¬†Allocation
    • Inventory Management Services
    • EDI Processing
    • Customer Service
  • Stand Alone Refinishing / Special Projects