Distribution Services - Cross dock

Cross Dock

Alpha Distribution Solutions supports cross dock and bulk shipping to get your cases (or pallets) into our warehouse and out the door on time and with the absolute minimum number of touches. Our case in/case out functionality supports a broad range of cross dock requirements of your customer whether that be same day receive and ship to longer term (days, weeks or months) receive, store and ship. If you are shipping pallets of goods to a customer DC or marking individual cases for a specific customer store, or even drop shipping to an end-consumer, Alpha Distribution Solutions can support your shipping needs. Our distribution centers contain all the material handling equipment and trained staff you need to move your goods out the door safely, quickly and efficiently.

Like our pick & pack system, the cross dock and bulk ship systems are supported by our fully automated order processing and inventory control system known as WMS which is designed for efficient, timely and flawless fulfillment. WMS is a “no weigh” system which calculates the weight and cubes for us. The Wave pre-prints the shipping labels for proper distribution of your cartons.