My CBR1000rr New Look REVEAL NEW Aftermarket Fairings
Posted on October 5, 2017

finally it’s some time to unveil the new look and mods from my CBR $1,000 ah let’s go for right you’re watching psycho cruises along with motorcycle channel subscribe to date no I bought this bike new in 2014 it was a leftover new model and I paid $8,000 out the door it was in the OEM red color and I decided I wanted to put some custom theories on the bike so I took my mint condition om red fairings off which you’re sitting up in my attic in a box right now and I switched over to some custom yellow fairings and oh I love that look it was really awesome then I decided to change up and I added a black tank cover for the yellow and black look so the bumblebee look I love that but then after a while I said man I want to change it up again and I changed all white fairings then eventually I added some om Honda Repsol orange wheels and I said you know what I’m also go ahead and change over for the whole Repsol look so put some Repsol fairings on the bike and that’s why i went with the extreme fairings so let’s take a look at it guys and I also go over the mods that I did to the bike as well okay as far as the mods I only added two performance mods which I’ll go over in just a moment but right now I want to go over the previous mods it I did to the bike and and give a review on them these Chinese aftermarket levers.

I added when I added the orange Repsol wheels and I’ll tell you guys I’ve had no problems with these levers they look fantastic very inexpensive I’ve always used Chinese aftermarket levers going all the way back to my CBR 250r I use it on a CBR 600 double R I have it on my wr250r and now this bike and I’ve had no problems with the Chinese aftermarket levers I don’t know why you guys spend hundreds of dollars for those name-brand ones these work just as great also I added this is a custom doc I built for free if you want to see how to make this for free I’ll include the video link in the description and comments section of this video by the way links to everything all the mods I did on this bike include in the description and comments section of this video or you can go to my website at psycho Cruiser comm and click on the menu tab my mods and those are current links to all the mods I did for this bike and also the wr250r so hey go check that out also right ,cbr 500r fairings,after I got the bike I added aftermarket exhaust cuz the stock exhaust just made this bike sound like a scooter I love this hyperflow exhaust it has the S bend in the pipe this is custom for the cbr1000rr it creates back pressure with this s Bend so you don’t end up with any idling issues like you would on with some of the other aftermarket exhausts so I didn’t have to add a Power Commander to this bike I’ve had no problems I still get 40 miles per gallon with this bike average as far as the fender eliminator kid this is the second one that I added on the bike and I did this when I put on the the Repsol wheels I love this aftermarket kit I’ve had no problems whatsoever it’s got the light right there that shines on the plate I also have two cameras here that show that way.

I can give use from both sides of the bike and I have a big power bank in here the powers the cameras I have a blaster X taillight that I added previously it has the integrated turn signals it’s really bright and it it modulates the light so it to help me be seen from traffic behind me help keep me safe out there as far as the new mods that I did to the bike and it the 520 chain and sprocket kit the quick acceleration kit I decided to go with just one tooth down with the front sprocket and I stuck with the 42 teeth in the rear as you can see it’s a beautiful black much better than the stock rear sprocket because the stock rear sprockets man on most stock bikes they get they get stains on them they’re just horrible I don’t like that the stock sprockets I love this looks much better gold chain beautiful just like my wr250r has a gold chain and I was going to go with one tooth down in the front and two up on the rear but a lot of you guys told me said man just stick with the one two down in the front because if you do the two up in the rear as well that’s a lot of you guys saying it pulls the front wheel up a lot it revs really high on the highway and also throws a speed of all big-time which with this setup,yamaha r6 fairings, I’ll still probably it’ll throw the speed of off a bit and I may add a speedo healer like I did from my wr250r but really it’s unnecessary because I always keep a GPS on the bikes and this gives the accurate speed anyhow I’ll probably won’t even add a speedo healer to the bike also I added the booze as timing retard plug-and-play piece that goes on there very simple install I’m gonna do a video on that for you guys to show you how quick and easy it is to install it and basically what that does is that takes the restriction of this bike this is the American bike of course I’m here in Ohio in the United States but the European models you don’t have to get that pizzazz time and retard plug and play piece because your your bikes are unrestricted they put a restriction for the American bikes so basically this is gonna up the bike six horsepower and also bring the peak power lower down in the RPM range by 1500 rpm I’ll do a first ride with this bike and let you guys know ,cheap motorcycle fairings,if it feels any different from stock so look forward to that video also I upgraded the brake pads to EB R Double H brake pads for the front and rear and also previously I have this plug in here for my heated gloves and heated gear because you know I ride year-round also added a pro grip tank pad which I’ve been using going all the way back to the CBR 250r very inexpensive like five ten bucks and they work great like said I’ll include links in the description and comments section of this video to everything .

but I don’t know what you guys think you like this or what beautiful or what man you know in the past I said I didn’t want to go with Repsol because it’s I don’t like ever giving free advertisement but you know what I just had to do it since I had the the orange red saw wheels you know and I love the high vis look because this is going to help me be seen better out on the streets to help keep me safe keep me from having a real effed up day so I want to hear your comments what do you guys think I love this front how they integrate the the windscreen paint job with the the front fairing I think that’s beautiful nice I like it and a bunch of advertisement down here like said free advertisement but it makes it look cooler I guess I just love the orange white red just pops it’s really cool like I said guys I’ll do a first ride with this bike coming up when the weather gets better right now we got a ton of snow out there on the street so it’s gonna be a while before I can ride probably when the weather gets better ,yamaha r1 fairings,I’m going to do a full review on this fold-up motorcycle trailer that fits in the garage perfectly takes a very little room so look forward to that and for those of you that want to get my motorcycle gear cuz you often ask you know my camo pants motorcycle jackets boots gloves helmets everything always include links in the description and comments section of my videos or go to my website psycho Cruiser comm and click on the menu tab my gear and those are current links to all of my gear cameras everything .