Best and Worst Air Jordans 1-23
Posted on April 23, 2018

what’s up guys it’s been a couple days since my last video but I thought I’d get you with another discussion video today as you can see it is the best and worst air jordans one through twenty three hope you guys are really going to enjoy this I know I’m going to get tons of hate for it but you know whatever so just before I get in if you guys want to follow me on Twitter it’s at the real rate 20 I will follow back ,cheap jordan 11,so don’t worry about that and when you’re done watching this video don’t forget to leave your opinion of your least favorite and most favorite Jordan and don’t forget to hit that like button and hit that subscribe button.

I’m almost at 100 subscribers and when I do hit 100 I will be doing a collection video so if you want to see that get the word out and get some subscribers and I will be doing a collection video now for I know I have some new sneakerheads or some even non sneakerheads to watch my channel so I am going to be quickly going through the Jordan 1 through 23 models I just chose a basic color way to show you so I’m going to do that now Jordan 1 Jordan – Jordan 3 Jordan for Jordan 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 gotcha 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 and 23 okay so now that we’ve gotten through all those you know what they look like first off I’m going to showing you my favorite Jordan model in terms of numbered 1 through 23 my favorite numbered model and then I’m going to be showing you my top 5 favorite color ways of any model favorite model is the Jordan 11 this is just an amazing shoe when it first came out I was know it came out the year,jordan 11 china, I was born actually but when I first came out everyone was hating on it now everyone’s really liking it it’s one of the most sought-after Jordans I just love it no hype attached I just really like the shoe so now into my top 5 favorite color is Callaway number 5 is the he got game 13s this is such a nice shoe I don’t like the nickname cuz you know they came out like five months before the movie but who cares so this shoe is so nice I was unfortunately not able to get a pair when they came out this year but if they ever come out again I’m definitely going to be trying to get them fourth favorite color way is the Doernbecher 9 I know this is a new Kollek colorway nan og so I’m going to get so much hate for this but I really like it the detail put into the shoe is amazing .

I love how the outsoles are different colors and the fact that a kid designed it is even more amazing this is one of my favorite Jordans which is why it’s in my top five number three is the Concord 11s and know I’m not just doing this because it’s a hype shoe I actually really like this shoe just the simplicity of black and white yet it still looks so flashy and clean it’s really amazing so that’s my top three my second favorite Jordan colorway is the Ray Allen 13 you know I have to throw this in here I am a huge Ray Allen fan as you can see by the name of my channel this is a really nice shoe the quality on these are really awesome.

I do not own a pair except I have seen them in person and my number one Jordan colorway of all time is the pret 11 really simple really clean just amazing least favorite Jordan is the 16 in terms of models oh this is ugly I don’t know how you can not think this is ugly I don’t know what the people in Nike were thinking when they made this it’s not attractive ,cheap jordan 11 low,so I couldn’t think of five colorways that I don’t like for Jordan so I picked my least favorite three colorways so let’s get into those my third least favorite colorway is the red new buck 21 oh these are ugly these do not look nice I’m sorry if that’s not your opinion but I’m just giving my opinion so don’t hate these do not look nice now on to my second least favorite Jordan colorway the 16.

I’m calling these the timberlands because they look like a Timberland these are not these it doesn’t work on it Jordan it does not look good and there’s like koi to Roy on the back it’s just not very attractive and you guys are going to tear me apart for my least favorite Jordan colorway because probably the majority you guys love this one and wish you had in your collection but it’s the seven Olympic celebrations I love shoes that are crazy and have tons of stuff going on in them except I do not feel this was executed very well I think the laces are just an unnecessary touch um I think it looks like a kid designed it in a bad way like the Doernbecher as a kid design except that looks extremely good these are just thrown together it does not look very professional doesn’t look like they put a lot of thought into it so that is my least favorite Jordan colorway so let me know what your favorite and least favorite Jordan model numbers and colorways are please leave your comment below and please hit that subscribe button if you want to see my collection video see you later