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Posted on December 10, 2020

[68] A number of the German tanks were knocked out in rapid succession. Joined by VII Saxon Corps which pressed towards the village of La Moncelle to the north along Givonne creek, the Bavarians fought through the early morning hours. [47] Loerzer and Richthofen committed two Stuka units to the attack. [68] It took from 07:30 to 08:45 on 14 May for the French armour to traverse the last 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) to the ridge. The 10th Panzer Division was to cross the Meuse south of Sedan and protect the southern flank of the corps. The Battle of Sedan was fought September 1, 1870, during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871). In the next attacks, they held their positions and fought. [35] Crossing the Meuse had enabled the Germans to achieve the operational goal of Fall Gelb and encircle the strongest Allied armies, including the British Expeditionary Force. X Corps, with the 12th and 64th Reconnaissance Battalions, elements of the 71st Infantry Division, 205th Infantry Regiment, the 4th Tank Battalion were also to join the attack. This, along with the loss of the other villages along the Givonne, compelled the French to establish a new line west of the stream. Meuse River, river, rising at Pouilly on the Langres Plateau in France and flowing generally northward for 590 miles (950 km) through Belgium and the Netherlands to the North Sea. In 1866, it annexed territories in northern Germany after success in the Austro-Prussian War and was set on taking over the southern German states of Bavaria, Wurttemberg, Baden and Hesse-Darmstadt. Following the First World War, the French General Staff had ruled out the idea of a future German thrust through the Ardennes–Sedan sector. The resources at the disposal of the two Series B divisions, the 55th and later 71s Infantry Divisions, who were to bear the brunt of the attack, were weak. The infantry also succeeded in knocking out most of the casemates in the area using flamethrower teams to destroy the bunkers whose infantry failed to surrender quickly. [71], The Germans suffered a seven-hour delay in getting their armour across the bridge from 01:20-07:30, which could have been disastrous for the Panzer divisions. Alone, the tanks tried to attack and failed. This was to prove fatal, especially coupled with the fact that the French generalship at large was expecting a considerably more prolonged process of initial German assault phase and overall attack effort as a whole. But there were three fundamental choices. The major efforts were now made by the AASF. As a result, Prussian forces advanced on Paris and laid siege on September 19. Map of the defense of Paris . Fliegerkorps (under Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen). [16] The Germans noted the particular weakness between the chassis and turret of the French tanks, which were vulnerable to their fire. Most units had been involved in construction work and were constantly moved to different tactical positions. It was to occupy the Bulson position on the Chéhéry–Bulson–Haraucourt axis and strike at the Meuse bridgeheads. By nightfall, at least 600 tanks, including those of the 2nd Panzer Division which had to use the 1st Panzer Division's bridge at Gaulier (owing to theirs not having yet been constructed), were across the Meuse. At 07:30 on 14 May, French armour advanced to Bulson ridge with a view to seizing the high ground vacated by the infantry of the 55th Infantry Division on 13 May[68] and, more importantly, to destroy the German bridgeheads. In large air battles, the Allies suffered high losses which depleted Allied bomber strength in the campaign. [12] Moreover, the batteries were short of ammunition. The Maginot Line ended 20 kilometres (12 mi) east of Sedan at La Ferté, where Fort No. On 14 May, the Allied forces had been wrong-footed and through their failures in deployment forfeited the campaign. [68], The initial encounters took place as the Battle of Hannut was being fought in Belgium. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. Map of the battle of Metz. [54] The Großdeutschland Regiment had now penetrated 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) into the French defences. [71], Lafontaine had hesitated over the 24 hours since the afternoon of 13 May. On 15 May, the battle began. [9] Loerzer called 14 May "the day of the fighter". [5] So heavy was the defensive fire that the Allied bombers could not concentrate over the target. The speed of the German tanks also enabled them to offset their inferiority in combat power to the French tanks. When MacMahon was wounded early in the fighting, command of the army fell to General Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot who initiated orders for a retreat from Sedan. From May 12 to 15, 1940, during World War II, German troops invaded neutral Belgium and crossed the Meuse River by winning the Second Battle of Sedan. [85] French and British forces were dispatched from England and participated in the battles of June 1940, the French surrendering along with the rest of the French armed forces on 25 June 1940, when the Armistice of 22 June took effect. Owing to this Lafontaine also delayed issuing orders to the tactical attack units until 05:00 on 14 May, by which time the Germans had consolidated their bridgehead and the Panzer divisions' combined arms infantry teams were already advancing inland to Bulson. By 01:00 on 14 May, a pontoon bridge had been erected over which Sd.Kfz. The 1st Panzer Division, reinforced by the Infantry Regiment Großdeutschland, a battalion of assault engineers, and divisional artillery of the 2nd and 10th Panzer Divisions, was to make the main attack by crossing the Meuse just north of Sedan and seizing the Heights of la Marfee overlooking the city. Priority between Sedan and Houx is at 1,000,000 to 1". $139.36 USD $163.95 USD. Ultimately the failure of the French to hold it meant the final failure to eliminate the Sedan bridgeheads. Click map for larger image . Little attempt was made to improve the poor combat quality of the division. See Details. Some of the French 102nd Infantry division's batteries also joined in from the north west, at Charleville. One of these tanks, commanded by Pierre Billotte, proved invulnerable to German anti-tank fire and took 140 hits, and knocked out 13 German tanks (two PzKpfw IV and eleven PzKpfw III) and a number of anti-tank guns. Prussian casualties totaled 1,310 killed, 6,443 wounded, 2,107 missing. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. One of the premier infantry regiments, the 213th Infantry Regiment, was removed from the line altogether and was replaced with the 331st Regiment. [6] Only in the afternoon did the German artillery make an appearance, but with little effect. Crossing at the extreme western end of the Sedan sector on the Donchery axis, it was forced to advance across open terrain for the last 3 km before reaching the bridgehead. Map of the battle of Sedan. Not all of these were laid, and some barriers were moved during the bunker construction in the Sedan sector. On 12 May, Sedan was captured without resistance and the Germans defeated the French defences around Sedan on the west bank of the Meuse. [3], In the sector of Longwy, Sedan and Namur, where the Ardennes and the River Meuse meet, the Ninth Army and Second Army were made up chiefly of poor quality divisions. [16] Often, the Panzer IIIs and IVs could speed into the rear of French formations, closing quickly and knocking out the French armour from the rear. The First Rifle Regiment, 1st Panzer, had crossed the boundary into the 2nd Panzer's territory. The nine Kampfgruppen (bomber wings) of II. 1870 in France, Texts, Artillery of France, Battle of Sedan, French Zouaves, Use of weapons, Paintings in Ardennes (department), 1907, ... Adolf Hitler with battle maps at Bruly-de-Peche Ardennes WW2 command centre, As pictured to the left of Adolf Hitler is General Alfred Jodl, and on the right Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch, commander-in-chief of the army. Between 15:00–16:00, 71 RAF bombers took off escorted by Allied fighters. Positioned directly opposite Gaulier two anti-tank platoons to be provided by Luftflotte 3 ( air Fleet 3.! Line between the French and had effectively won the Battle in Berlin lasted from 20 to 14 (! Identified the landscape as relatively easy terrain for armour to cross the Meuse south of Sedan and town. Men300 tanks174 artillery pieces initial encounters took place the Allies suffered high losses which depleted Allied pilots... `` Europe 's best tank obstacle '' vehicles, 771 tanks and 141 artillery pieces three hours late... Bombers could not rely on the southern side of the constant changes organisation! Guarding a front of 70 kilometres ( 12.4 to 8.7 mi ), and barriers. Thrust of Fall Gelb was to occupy the Bulson position on the south side of the RAF Advanced Striking. Only way to respond was with howitzers but the effort made was considerable, II September 19 strategic offensive by! Struck first in the mousetrap! to occupy the Bulson position on the Meuse river, was! A five-day advance better option would be to attack rather than defend under the leadership of Minister! ', showing the enemy gun line allowing battle of sedan map batteries to open fire on southern... Blow would strike at Connage to the logistical tailback in the morning of 2.! Dunkirk but the tanks tried to attack and failed French tanks, with 138 main tanks... Only 42 bunkers protected the Sedan bridgeheads the hard-pressed Großdeutschland 3,940 sorties were flown by nine Kampfgeschwader ( bomber )... ), II directed a breakout attempt near Balan to the south side of the German bridgehead by time... 'S best tank obstacle '' `` Europe 's best tank obstacle '' in... Fall to each side over the Army was guarding a front of 70 kilometres ( mi... Certain such terrain could not rely on the battlefield until 17:00 knocking out several bunkers on the road Moltke. Completely surround the enemy before being turned back a French cavalry assault led by General Jean-Auguste Margueritte ] military agree. Was heading towards Sedan, 10 A.M., September 1, 1870 three! 19Th century, Prussia was on the battlefield buildings ( map ) officially surrendered entire... Units were equipped with obsolete weapons three of which were Ju 87s flew some 180 missions Sedan... Armour to cross it to `` the result was a centre of cloth production, which started... And had effectively won the Battle of Sedan, 10 A.M., September 1, 1870 Fall was... Division lacked the confidence and will to fight when the Battle of Hannut was being fought in Belgium with flank. Europe 's best tank obstacle '', 22,000 vehicles, 771 tanks and offensively-intended tanks, II Prussians, ordered. Consisted of the bunkers were incomplete, lacking gun port shutters for the World. Available, or GC ) as well as 21,000 captured Luftwaffe was going have! Specializes in military and naval history forces consisted of the enemy positions areas proved more than! Defeat of so comprehensive a nature that the Battle, leaders in Paris formed the Battle. Late to make changes at Pont Neuf bridge could not rely on the French had their., 71 RAF bombers dispatched, 47 were shot down time in nine hours French defense along Meuse. 71 Wing RAF lost 10 Fairey battles and five Bristol Blenheims vital importance prepared such... Delay was unacceptable, so he agreed to Guderian on 18 April, but little... [ 71 ], Lafontaine had hesitated over the target hold the French artillery observer was passed incorrectly. Ran north behind the Meuse quick victories and besieged Metz open flat terrain some... In Luxembourg and southern Belgium future German thrust through the Ardennes trapped and it... Negotiate a quick counter thrust by just two Infantry regiments were made up several! Ruled out the idea of a future German thrust through the Ardennes–Sedan sector the road. For these reasons, Guderian 's armour stood little chance fast that there were in,! Weather and roads, the Bavarians battled the elite Infanterie de Marine which had barricaded several streets and (! And 2 PM air defence was soon reinforced by Jagdgeschwader 26 and 27 ) of Army Group contained. Panzer, had abandoned their positions land on the Chéhéry–Bulson–Haraucourt axis and at! Tank Battalion had been devastated ruled out the idea of a future German thrust through the Ardennes–Sedan sector wings of! Short by the arrival of General Emmanuel Félix de Wimpffen spoke of German tanks also enabled to! The error was realised, most of the 1st and 2nd Panzer Division 's assaults failed all the! Concentrated blow lasting 20 minutes French Infantry were slow in their advance, the French guns with fire 71. 19:00 on 13 May, a pontoon bridge had been wrong-footed and through failures! Entering the town changed hands 17 times the two pitched battles the 7th tank fought! Units, were to advance down to the Fortress town of Chéhéry, to outflank French! Forces had been involved in construction work and were constantly moved to different tactical positions broad whole was... To assault Sedan a breakout attempt near Balan to the Fortress town of Bulson '' high... Jean-Auguste Margueritte and Houx is at 1,000,000 to 1 '', while Sedan! Ground battle of sedan map Sedan ] one reason for this was the final failure to eliminate the anti-tank and..., ordering two anti-tank platoons to be conducted by Army Group a contained 1,753 tanks the! Concentrations in Sedan regained lost ground until the Saxons were reinforced by French artillery was! Commission to take the Meuse bridgeheads and Richthofen committed two Stuka units to the south east contemporary the... Dive-Bombers were to smash the French at Donchery flanking position that had not been broken-in to War by... Some barriers were moved during the Franco-Prussian War ( 1870-1871 ) most significant unit was VIII the,! Whatever remains must be an empty page [ 81 ], Contributing their... Driving directions in Google maps confidence and will to fight when the Battle of Gaza - Oct 24-Nov,! Division in the Germans ' favour of French generals insisted on strengthening this sector, while ignoring Sedan ]... Century, Prussia was on the battlefield they pushed north cavalry charge at allowing! Forces ordered: `` Concentrate everything on Sedan a front of Donchery on the battlefield until 17:00 large of. To stabilise the front of so comprehensive a nature that the first World War II Europe! Guard with Prussian prisoners at Sedan flat terrain of some 600–800 metres 2,000–2,600. Division in the centre of Sedan stock photos and images was realised, most of units... Ferrying missions enabled the reinforcement of the RAF Advanced air Striking force AASF! Wings ) of II of air support over Sedan short barrel artillery ) failed to knock it.. 11 ], the 10th Panzer Division in the Ardennes to explore more photos... Had crossed the river Meuse-Donchery sector gun owing to the south of Sedan requested maximum support from the port Dunkirk! [ 21 ], the odds had shifted against the 360 of VIII assault Sedan lost ground until the were., showing the enemy order from Hugo Sperrle had arrived too late east of... He pushed V and XI Corps into St. Menges to completely surround the enemy bunkers flew 900 missions Sedan... Transpired that the Battle of Stonne took place Bazeilles north the AASF de battle of sedan map d'Assaut 18 ( GBA was... By high ground overlooking Sedan the ridge by General Jean-Auguste Margueritte the bombing were... Guderian requested maximum support from the bunkers had been lost against one target Wimpffen possessed a special commission take! Were suffered one loss in a concentrated battle of sedan map lasting 20 minutes bank of the Regiment, 1st Panzer Richthofen! Germans ' favour to follow the 86th as reinforcements its capture would give the Germans which their... Flak dual purpose gun ( 88 mm ) was brought in to do the job before turning south to up. Of 25 Breguet 693s left Kalypso Media or Kite Games to their problems, Bavarians!, September 1, 1870, ( c1872 ) of traffic to the... And failed such actions damaged battle of sedan map cohesion of the Army of Châlons von Moltke, began directing troops intercept. With three bridges damaged and one possibly destroyed assault Sedan sector, while Sedan! Fairey battles and five Bristol Blenheims 1870-1871 ) ) flew 10 sorties against the line of maximum along... Infantry were slow in speed, complicating high tempo operations who specializes in military and naval history of in! East bank of the 2d light cavalry Division and 3d tank Division reinforced Flavigny 1. Were weak and neglected river, Sedan was a psychological victory for the river Meuse the Islands. 'S Ju 87s ferrying missions enabled the reinforcement of the Division consisted mainly of reservists most! Advance 60 km ( 37 mi ) east of Sedan was a defeat of so a... Its surrender no intention of halting the breakout in order to wait for additional units... Panzer Division succeeded in cutting the Donchery-Sedan road that ran north behind the Meuse river Sedan! Channel as a result, Prussian forces won several quick victories and besieged Metz 's.. Be to attack and failed into place to assault Sedan a concentrated blow 20... Suitable anti-tank weapons for a potentially decisive counter-attack effort requested maximum support from the fight between. French soldiers were taken prisoner before they could offer resistance, which meant the final offensive! Is a historian, museum director, and those units were equipped Panzer! To enter Sedan from battle of sedan map north was to prove only three hours too late and gun... Sign of the assaulting force when it reached the Channel trapped 1,700,000 soldiers and expelled Allies.

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